The Lions Club of Pearland was formed in 1948 and is part of District 2S4. In 1949, members assisted in the creation of the water district for the City of Pearland. This was our first project. The club also created the first garbage pickup and individuals hauled the garbage in 55 gallon drums to the dump location on 10 acres purchased by the Lions Club. The Lions Club organized and paid for the first street lights in town. In 1952, the Lions Club built 1000 feet of sidewalks so that children could walk to school safely. Also that year the annual Turkey Shoot was begun. It continues today raising money for many community projects and funding several projects for the Lions Camp for Children in Kerville. In 1959, the Lions Club financed the election to incorporate the City of Pearland. The first baseball field was built with community involvement on property owned by the Lions and the Little League was formed. In the early 1960’s, the Lions Club sold 3 acres of property adjacent to their building and used the money for community developments. These included the swimming pool at Independence Park and the facilities for the Dad’s Club.