Building Rental Contact

Email us at  or call and leave message at (281) 997-9725

Information on the Lions Club of Pearland facility


3350 (or 3550) South Main Street Pearland, Texas 77581.

The facility is located on South Main Street just south of the intersection of Magnolia and South Main Street. South Main Street is also State Highway 35.


PO Box 903, Pearland, Texas 77588-0903

Our Address


RENTAL COST: $1200 Fridays & Saturdays

HOW TO CHECK AVAILABILITY: for faster response, email us at of call the Club at 281-997-9725 and leave message.

Include date(s), hours and type of event. We will get back to you on availability, deposits and contracts.

WHAT YOU GET: Includes hall from 8am to midnight the day of the rental. You can come and go as you need. See table and chair and more info below.

WHAT ELSE: We require security on all rentals, alcohol or not. You MUST contact Constable Buck Stevens at to book security at least 2-3 weeks PRIOR to your event. Security is four-hour minimum in cash at beginning of event and based on the current rate in their policy. Officer is paid until you leave and locks the doors when you leave so plan accordingly.

HOW TO BOOK: To book and hold the date: You must pay the agreed amount of the rental fee deposit. The remaining balance is due before the event. (The date and the building are not yours until the rental agreement is signed and agreed rental deposits is paid) If booking within 60 days of the event, the entire rental fee is due.

NOTE: Cleaning is NOT included in the rental fee. It is an additional $250 non-refundable.

TO SEE THE VENUE: You can come to the building to book an event or see the building on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays of each month between 6pm and 7pm.

Features of building
The Max capacity of the building is 250 people We have 21 each – 60 inch round tables.
We have 180 chairs – curved backs. We have 15 each — 6 foot long rectangular tables.
We do NOT provide linens We provide trash cans and liners.

ALL rentals end before or at midnight! This means you must have finished cleaning and all attendees and renters must have left the building (and preferably the property) at or BEFORE midnight! It also means that “last call” should be given at 11p and cleaning should start as well in order to be out by midnight.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING in our club (Including vaping type devices) and if you smoke, it must be done at the designated area in the back. ANY butts or related paraphernalia left on the ground, may forfeit your deposits.

You set up all tables and chairs. You are to remove all coverings and items. Our cleaning crew will put them up. The tables and chairs are inspected prior to and after your event. Any damage is your responsibility.

You take out the trash and everything you brought into the building. The trash dumpster is located behind the building and you MUST remove all trash as you leave for the night.

You do not have to clean (as in mop) unless you spill something. Mops are located outside back door.

The assembly room is 3,349 square feet in size. (67.5 Feet x 58.5 Feet)

There is a renter’s kitchen area that has a refrigerator, sink, microwave and oven. These and this area MUST be empty and clean when you leave.

We do not supply any food, alcohol, music, table coverings or decorations.

You provide everything you need.

NOTHING may be attached to the wall or ceilings.